K747 Luxury perfume / Livraison à domicile offerte
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We make our perfumes in Grasse, international capital of the perfumery, well known for its sunny Mediterranean lands ; in every perfume spray, you will feel an aroma evoking the sun and the contentment of the South.

K747 by KTIANA® is a very high-quality Great Perfume (eau de parfum), made in Grasse, and that moreover respects the codes and the specifications of the luxury perfumery industry ; as the effect of enamelled bottle ; and prestigious suppliers for a brand for which quality is an obsession.

The unanimously loved fragrance leaves an exceptional wake, both sensual and mesmerizing, that lasts in the time. The perfumes of Grasse are officially registered UNESCO World Heritage.

Our customers opt for our exceptional perfume because it is symbol of quality, rarity, and exclusivity : it’s unique.

Our distribution network is very selective, on the Internet, only our site is able to sell our luxury perfume.

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K747 by KTIANA For Men
K747 by KTIANA For Men