K747 Luxury perfume / Livraison à domicile offerte
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KTIANA fragrance is a prestigious brand specialized in the luxury perfumery.
It notably holds one of the most expensive scent in the world : K747 by KTIANA 24-carats gold version in a very limited edition (price on request).

The brand KTIANA reflects through its products the class, the dynamism, and the strength, as well as the elegance and the exclusiveness ; it’s intended for people who want to distinguish themselves.

Looking for permanent innovations in the field of perfumery, KTIANA pioneers and creates the patented scent-spreader bracelet (made in France), to vaporize beforehand, washable, reusable with any perfume, without refill, mixed, and embroidered with a K made of authentic silver thread, with the aim of reaching the field of haute couture, another jewel of the perfumery industry.

In 2015, KTIANA takes advantage of its savoir faire to open its doors to the general public with the launch of the GRAND PARFUM K747 by KTIANA (variation of the rare perfume), at a very affordable price, thus, the excellence becomes easy to reach. Obviously, this new perfume heeds the codes and the specifications of the luxury industry, it’s made in GRASSE, the international perfumery capital. The fragrance leaves an exceptional wake, both sensual and mesmerizing, that lasts for a very long time, as any other niche scent.

KTIANA fragrance is presented at the Dubai luxury fair.

Owning a K747 in your bathroom or in your luggage remains very coveted.

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K747 by KTIANA For Men
K747 by KTIANA For Men